Last updated on 1 January 2016


San Diego State University/University of California, Santa Barbara    California, US     08/11-present

Doctor of Philosophy in Geography

  • Affiliate of Refugee Law Initiative, UC-Initiative for Human Rights, UCSB’s Broom Center for Demography
  • Current research: unaccompanied child migrants; protection response to Central American and Mexican forced migrants; and Central American family dynamics

University of Oxford                                                                                    Oxford, UK           10/10-07/11

Master of Science in Refugee and Forced Migration Studies

  • Course Representative
  • Research: accompanied and unaccompanied child migrants; Roma/Gypsy in the UK

University of Texas (3.76 GPA) Phi Beta Kappa                              Austin, Texas        08/03-05/07

Bachelor of Arts in Humanities (4.00 major GPA); Spanish minor; honors

  • Self-designed an interdisciplinary program in human rights in Latin America
  • Earned special honors for honors thesis on racism in Brazilian and US national history courses

Bachelor of Arts in Government (3.91 major GPA); Philosophy minor; honors

  • Chosen for Bridging Disciplines Program in Politics, Law & Social Justice

RECENT PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE_______________________________________________

Consultant, United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees           Washington, DC           07/2015-09/2015

  • Interviewed 42 women (including transgendered women) from El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Mexico about the reasons they emigrated, their experiences migrating through Mexico, their detention in the United States, and their time in the US upon release
  • Summarized treatment in four detention centers and the quality of life women have living in 10 US cities
  • Determined the important themes across interviews and provided summaries with relevant quotations

Expert, Lawyers, Firms and Immigration Law Clinics                  Various                         10/2013-present         

  • Write country condition reports for Salvadoran, Guatemalan and Honduran asylum seekers fleeing gang violence or domestic abuse in Canada, England, Sweden or the United States
  • Prepared a general brief, at invitation, on how gangs operate in El Salvador for all women and children fleeing gang violence at Artesia, Dilley and Karnes detention facilities from summer 2014 to present


Portuguese                   intermediate reading and listening; basic writing and speaking

Spanish                         fluent



Griffin M, Van Ramhorst R, Siefert M, and Kennedy E. 2014. Central American Refugee Children. Section on International Child Health August Newsletter: 6-7.

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Guest voz and contributor to Latina Lista, The Smart News Source on Monday, 4 March 2013 and Friday, 7 September 2012.

Kennedy E. 2012. A Transnational Journey to be Someone: Central American Child Migrants to the US. OpenDemocracy 50.50 5 September 2012.

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Book chapters

Kennedy E. 2014. Vignette on Unaccompanied Child Migrants in Pulsipher, Lydia M. and Pulsipher, Alex with the assistance of Conrad Goodwin. World Regional Geography: Global Patterns, Local Lives, 6th Edition. New York: WH Freeman and Company.

Aitken S, Swanson K, and Kennedy E. 2014. Unaccompanied Child and Youth Migrants: Navigating Relational Borderlands. Chapter in Spyros, S. and Christou, M. (eds.) Children and Borders Palgrave.


Dingeman-Cerda K. and Kennedy E. 2015. Welcome Home? Deportation to El Salvador. Available at

IN THE PRESS_______________________________________________________________________

Print – Dutch

Somers, Maartje. 2014. Liever helse tocht naar VS dan leven met bendes. NRC Handelsbad 4 July.

Print – English

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Chronicled in The Santa Barbara Independent “UCSB Demographer Champions Health Care for Unaccompanied Migrant Children”, 11 February [Picked up by Amigos 805 and MedAlert].

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Print – French

Grimm, Claude. 2014. Le Salvador face a un exode de ses enfants. Le Courrier 16 September.

Print – Spanish

Cancino, Jorge. 2015. Advierten que muchos migrantes que sean deportados podrían ser asesinados en sus países. Univision 26 December.

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Radio – English

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Radio – Spanish

Mesa Publica. 2014. Entendiendo porque niños Centroamericanos están dejando sus países. 18 August.

Radio 1310AM in Georgia 9 July 2014.

Radio Bilingüe 8 July 2014.

The Neida Sandoval Show 23 June 2014.

Radio Cadena Mi Gente 20 June 2014 and 12 September 2014.

YSUCA Radio, 20 June 2014.

YSUES Radio Universitaria’s “Perspectivas Informadas,” 15 November 2013.

Television – English

  1. El Salvador’s gangland. The Stream. Al Jazeera English 21 October.

Cabrera, Marissa, Cavanaugh, Maureen and Pico, Peggy. 2015. Experts: U.S.-Mexico Border to See 39,000 Unaccompanied Minors. KPBS Evening Edition 11 May.

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Television – Spanish

Chamorro, Vladimir. 2014. Presidentes centroamericanos abordan con Obama tema migratorio. HispanTV 25 July.

Universidad Centroamericana. 2014. Miradas 3 July.

Casteanas, Salvador. 2014. Niños centroamericanos migrantes huyen de la violencia. Univisión 20 June.

INVITED TALKS_____________________________________________________________________

Kennedy, E. (2015, Oct.) Immigration and Asylum Advocacy. Presentation at Shaking the Foundations West Coast Progressive Lawyering Conference at Stanford Law School.

Kennedy, E. (2015, Oct.) No Childhood Here: Why Salvadoran Children are Fleeing their Homes. Presentation to Stanford University Center for Latin American Studies.

Kennedy, E. (2015, Oct.) Coffee and Context: My Manana Comes. Public discussion on migration at San Diego’s Repertory Theater.

Kennedy, E. (2015, Jul.) The Ongoing Exodus of Children from the Northern Triangle. Virtual presentation to the National Alliance of Latin American and Caribbean Communities network.

Kennedy, E. (2015, Jul.) Brownbag lunch presentation to the Jesuit Conference and Central American Migration and Foreign Policy Group, Washington, DC.

Kennedy, E. (2015, Jul.) Presentation to incoming 2015-2016 Fulbright scholars, Washington, DC.

Kennedy, E. (2015, May) Indocumentados y excluidos: economias, violencias y la ley. Presented at the Latin American Studies Association Congress, San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Kennedy, E. (2015, Apr.) Childhood and Adolescence in El Salvador Today. Presentation to RTI International, Durham, NC.

Kennedy, E. (2015, Apr.) Current trends in child migration. Virtual presentation to the Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Services (LIRS) network.

Kennedy, E. (2015, Mar.) Childhood and Adolescence in El Salvador Today. Presentation at California State University Northridge, Northridge, CA.

Kennedy, E. (2015, Mar.) Presentation at Georgetown University Round Table, Washington, DC.

Kennedy, E. (2015, Mar.) Brownbag lunch presentation to the United States Department of Labor, Washington, DC.

Kennedy, E. (2015, Mar.) A Day in the Life of a Salvadoran Child. Presentation to the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB), Washington, DC.

Kennedy, E. (2014, Nov.) Virtual presentation to national network of service providers in the Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Services network.

Kennedy, E. (2014, Nov.) Current country conditions in El Salvador. Presentation to USCIS Anaheim, CA.

Kennedy, E. (2014, Oct.) Update on Children and Family Migrants from Central America and Mexico and Our Global Advocacy Efforts. Virtual presentation to the National Alliance of Latin American and Caribbean Communities.

Kennedy, E. (2014, Oct.) Minors at the Border. Virtual presentation to Suffolk University Law School.

Kennedy, E. (2014, Sept.) Immigration Reform: Political and Humanitarian Concerns. Presentation to the UCLA/Hammer Forum, Los Angeles, CA.

Kennedy, E. (2014, Sept.) Understanding Unaccompanied Immigrant Minors from a Trauma-Informed Perspective. Virtual presentation to the National Child Traumatic Stress Network (NCTSN) Culture Consortium Town Hall.

Kennedy, E. (2014, Sept.) The Exodus of Salvadoran Children. Presentation to the United States Embassy Staff, San Salvador, El Salvador.

Kennedy, E. (2014, Sept.) Analysis of the situation of Salvadoran child and adolescent migrants. Presentation at the Universidad Centroamericana for Migrant’s week, San Salvador, El Salvador.

Kennedy, E. (2014, Aug.) The Exodus of Salvadoran Children. Presentation to the National Day Labor Organizing Network (NDLON) Annual Conference, Los Angeles, CA.

Kennedy, E. (2014, Aug.) The Exodus of Salvadoran Children. Presentation to the Central American Resource Center (CARECEN), Los Angeles, CA.

Kennedy, E. (2014, Aug.) The Exodus of Salvadoran Children. Presentation to the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), San Salvador, El Salvador.

Kennedy, E. (2014, July) The Exodus of Salvadoran Children. Presentation to Instituto Salvadoreño del Migrante (INSAMI), San Salvador, El Salvador.

Kennedy, E. (2014, July) The Exodus of Salvadoran Children. Presentation organized by CARECEN and NDLON at the Universidad Centroamericana, San Salvador, El Salvador.

Kennedy, E. (2014, Jan.) “Sistemas de Leyes y Protección de Niños, Niñas y Adolescentes Migrantes Interceptados en los Estados Unidos de América.” Presentation to the Mesa de Coordinación para la Atención y Protección de Niñez y Adolescencia Migrante, San Salvador, El Salvador.

Kennedy, E. (2013, Nov.) “Sistemas de Leyes y Protección de Niños, Niñas y Adolescentes Migrantes Interceptados en los Estados Unidos de América.” Presentation to the Consejo Nacional para la Protección y Desarrollo de la Persona Migrante y su Familia, San Salvador, El Salvador.

Kennedy, E. (2013, Sept.) “Journeying to be Someone: Unaccompanied Child Migrants.” Presentation to the First United Methodist Church, Crockett, Texas.

Kennedy, E. (2013, May) “To Be Someone: Unaccompanied Child Migrants and Transnational Citizenship.” Paper presented to UC, Santa Barbara’s weekly Geography Colloquium.

Kennedy, E. (2013, Apr.) Panelist on “CPAR and Feminist Geography” at the Association of American Geographers Annual Meeting, Los Angeles, CA.

Kennedy, E. (2013, Apr.) “To be someone: a child’s right to migrate to fulfill her/his capabilities?”. Paper presented at the Biennial Meeting of the Society for Psychological Anthropology with the Anthropology of Children and Youth Interest Group, San Diego, CA.


Kennedy, E. (2015, May) No Place for Children: The Central American Youth Exodus. Paper presented at the Latin American Studies Association Congress, San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Kennedy, E. (2013, May) “No Refuge: the Failure of Regional Instruments for Central American and Mexican Asylum Seekers in the United States”. Paper presented at the Latin American Studies Association Congress, Washington, DC.

Kennedy, E. (2013, May) “The Failure of Regional Instruments for Central American Asylum Seekers in the United States”. Paper presented at the Association of American Geographers Annual Meeting, Los Angeles, CA.

Kennedy, E. (2013, Apr.) Panelist on “CPAR and Feminist Geography” at the Association of American Geographers Annual Meeting, Los Angeles, CA.

Kennedy, E. (2013, Apr.) “To be someone: a child’s right to migrate to fulfill her/his capabilities?”. Paper presented at the Biennial Meeting of the Society for Psychological Anthropology with the Anthropology of Children and Youth Interest Group, San Diego, CA.

Kennedy, E. (2012, Oct.) “Unaccompanied Minors: Navigating Relational Borderlands”. Paper presented at the Race, Ethnicity and Place Conference, San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Kennedy, E. (2012, Apr.) “Al otro lado: Transnational Youth Migration through the U.S.-Mexico Border”. Paper presented at UBC’s “Stranger in a Strange Land” Children’s Literature Conference, Vancouver, Canada.

Kennedy, E. (2012, Mar.) Panel on “Living in the Borderlands: Negotiating Immigrant Identity”. Paper presented at the SDSU Student Research Symposium, San Diego, CA.

Kennedy, E. (2011, Jun.) “Refugee Status Determination amongst Unaccompanied Minors”. Paper presented at the University of Glasgow, GRAMnet Postgraduate Colloquium: The 1951 UN Refugee Convention – 60 Years On, Glasgow, UK.

Kennedy, E. (2011, May) Panel on “Education: Culture and Context”. Paper presented at the University of Oxford, Green Templeton College Human Welfare Conference, Oxford, UK.

Kennedy, E. (2011, Feb.) Panel on “Refugee Determination Process” for children and youth. Paper presented at the University of Nottingham’s Human Rights Law Centre’s 12th Annual Student Human Rights Conference, Nottingham, UK.

Kennedy, E. (2008, Feb.) Session 6, Panel 1 on “Education and Race”. Paper presented at the XXVIII ILASSA Conference, Austin, TX.

Kennedy, E. (2007, Mar.) “Banking White Supremacy: A Comparative Evaluation of Racism in Brasilian and U.S. Education Systems in the 21st Century”. Paper presented at the 2007 Liberal Arts Honors Thesis Conference in Austin, TX.

HONORS AND AWARDS______________________________________________________________

UCSB Doctoral Student Travel Grant                                                                                    Fall 2014

UCSB Broom Center Research Grant                                                                                 Spring 2014

SDSU Graduate Student Travel Fund Award                                                     Spring 2012, Spring 2014

2013-2014 Fulbright Student Award to El Salvador                                                     11/2013-09/2014

2013 SDSU Tinker Travel Grant                                                                                               10/2013

UC Center for New Racial Studies Grant recipient (PI Stuart Sweeney)                                                  08/2013

Latin American Studies Association Travel Grant                                                             Spring 2013

Vivian Finch SDSU Scholarship for Summer Research in Latin America                                        Spring 2012

Oxford Department of Development Dissertation Support Fund                                                   Spring 2011

Georgia State Debate Coach of the Year                                                                                          2009-2010

Atlanta City Debate Coach of the Year                                                                                           2008-2009

Undergraduate Research Award to conduct research in São Paulo, Brazil                                        Spring 2007

Bridging Disciplines Program Research Award for research in São Paulo, Brazil                             Spring 2007

Bridging Disciplines Program Research Award for research in Monterrey, MEX                            Spring 2006

Texas Exes Student Chapter Leadership Scholarship                                                          Spring 2006

Liberal Arts Honors – Sophomore Scholarship                                                                              Spring 2005

Robert C. Bryd Honors Scholarship for outstanding academic performance                       08/03-05/07

Academic All Big XII First Team in varsity cross country and track                                 12/04-05/06

TEACHING EXPERIENCE____________________________________________________________

Teaching Assistant, San Diego State University          San Diego, California                                       08/11-present

  • Serve as the guest lecturer on designated topics in introductory human geography, including commodity chains, migration, human rights, and asylum/refugee law
  • Assist with grading, office hours and discussion for 100-student classes
  • Facilitate service learning opportunities for other graduate students in the geography department

7th Grade Social Studies and Debate Teacher, Atlanta Public Schools                                      06/08-08/10

  • Taught economics, geography, government and history of Africa, Asia and Latin America, emphasizing critical thinking, human rights and social justice as they connect to the students’ lives
  • Led the 7th Grade Social Studies Instructional Team by planning and creating all educational units, projects, field trips, lesson plans, reading materials and tests
  • Successfully obtained $5,000 in grants for student materials and field trips

ESL/Civics Teacher, American YouthWorks            Austin, Texas, USA                                  01/08-05/08

  • Instructed 10 newly arrived immigrants from El Salvador and Mexico with very limited knowledge of the English language and little or no formal educational training beyond the primary grades
  • Served as a liaison for students needing assistance with medical and educational services for themselves and their families

Conversational and Intensive VI English Teacher, IICANA Córdoba, Argentina                   07/07-12/07

  • Designed lessons plans on formal writing, grammar and speaking skills, incorporating University of Michigan EFL standards
  • Designed new instruction system for the conversation course, creating 4-day units based upon weekly movie viewings
  • Volunteered to lecture about U.S. culture and the English language for six classes and two weekend camps

OTHER PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE________________________________________________

Co-leader, The Road Less Traveled  Larkspur, Colorado and Peru                                  06/09-08/09

  • Motivated and assisted 13 adolescents from around the United States to complete a vital indigenously designed, adobe textile center for the Andean community of Patacancha
  • Inspired and instructed program participants in Spanish, Quechua and Inca history in order better understand Peru while traveling

Middle School Caseworker, Breakthrough Collaborative    Austin, Texas, US             01/08-05/08

School Success Intern                                                                                                       07/06-06/07

  • Selected and hired 32 high school and college interns (from a pool of ~200 applicants) for the Princeton Review “Top Ten” summer internship program providing our first-generation students with vital summer educational opportunities
  • Monitored academic performance and social-emotional needs of 22 seventh-grade students on five school campuses by building and maintaining relationships with students’ families, teachers, counselors and administrators
  • Assisted in four major fundraising events that raised approximately $800,000
  • Provided a six-year path to university – encompassing educational and extracurricular enhancement, celebrations, referrals to tutoring and counseling for students, among other services – to 250 students who were first in their families to attend

PUBLIC SERVICE____________________________________________________________________

Co-Founder and Director, SDSU Youth Empowerment Program San Diego Co., CA            09/12-05/2015

  • Spoke to 8 classes in 5 departments to recruit 30+ students who expressed interest in working with unaccompanied minors
  • Interviewed 20 candidates and selected 10 to begin in Fall 2012 from six majors (Spanish, ISCOR, public health, social work, political science, and geography)
  • Conduct weekly meetings and trainings alongside leading interns in weekly mentoring sessions geared toward education, career and university advice at two San Diego County shelters for UAC

Volunteer Instructor, Southwest Key Programs Shelter      San Diego Co., CA                        09/11-03/13

  • Provided creative writing, reading, art and dance lessons in Spanish on a weekly basis to 8-25 UAC between the ages of 7 and 18 at two county ORR shelters at least 4 hours/week
  • Created a coordinated curriculum, entitled “In Transit: A Reflective Journey from Origin to Destination,” and distributed it to 30 Southwest Key shelters and 6 service providers in California

Tutor, The Children’s Society OASIS Project       Oxford, UK                                                12/10-07/11

  • Support four adolescent refugee and unaccompanied minors in Oxford’s public school system by attending classes, providing one-on-one instruction, and serving as a liaison between service providers and educators
  • Organized field trips for 13 refugee youth to Oxford University’s centre and Merton College

Corps Member, Teach for America                Atlanta, Georgia, USA                             06/08-08/10

  • Taught 2 yrs in a high poverty area to help close the achievement gap in low-income communities
  • Propelled the movement to close the achievement gap by participating in the Sponsor a Teacher Program, helping to raise thousands of dollars for the organization


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