El Salvador

Contextualizing the Present: Recent History

To read about the Truth Commission’s findings, following El Salvador’s 12-year civil war, you may go to this website and access a short history, the peace accord, and the Commission’s report in English and Spanish: http://www.usip.org/publications/truth-commission-el-salvador.

The Mujeres de la Guerra project has available the testimonies of 28 women and a documentary: http://mujeresdelaguerra.com/the-project .

Documentaries on El Salvador:

Espejo Roto: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wWo0DPH_iOA

El lugar mas pequeno: http://tiniestplace.weebly.com

Mujeres de la guerra: http://mujeresdelaguerra.com/the-film

La Vida Loca: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T2B-R3XNBLU

Blogs on El Salvador:

https://voiceselsalvador.wordpress.com, see their organization’s (Voices on the Border) website here for information on how to support them: http://votb.org/wordpress1/

http://luterano.blogspot.com (Tim’s El Salvador blog)

http://www.mipuebloysugente.com/apps/blog/ (Spanish-language tourism and history site)


Catholic Relief Services Fe y Alegria: http://ignatiansolidarity.net/blog/2015/03/30/fe-y-alegria-creating-faith-and-joy-in-el-salvador/

Committee in Solidarity with the People of El Salvador (CISPES): http://www.cispes.org

CRISPAZ: http://www.crispaz.org

Foundation Cristosal: http://cristosal.org

Inter-American Foundation: http://www.iaf.gov/index.aspx?page=311

Museo de la Palabra y la Imagen: http://museo.com.sv/en/

Programa Velasco: http://programavelasco.org

Project Red: http://www.projectredelsalvador.org

U.S.-El Salvador Sister Cities: http://www.elsalvadorsolidarity.org

Instituto Salvadoreno del Migrante (INSAMI): http://www.insami.org

Voices on the Border: https://voiceselsalvador.wordpress.com

Human Rights Reports

Amnesty International (AI): http://www.amnestyusa.org/our-work/countries/americas/el-salvador

Asociacion ProBusqueda: http://www.probusqueda.org.sv

Comision de Derechos Humanos de El Salvador (CDHES-ng): http://www.cdhes.org.sv

Comite de Familiares de Migrantes Fallecidos y Desaparecidos de El Salvador (COFAMIDE): http://cofamide.blogspot.com

Equipo Maiz: http://www.equipomaiz.org.sv

Human Rights Data Analysis Group (HRDAG): https://hrdag.org/elsalvador/

Human Rights Watch (HRW): https://www.hrw.org/americas/el-salvador

Instituto de Derechos Humanos de la Universidad Centroamericana (IDHUCA): http://www.uca.edu.sv/publica/idhuca/

Instituto Salvadoreno para el Desarollo de la Mujer (ISDEMU): http://www.isdemu.gob.sv

Las Dignas: http://www.lasdignas.org.sv

Latin America Working Group: http://www.lawg.org

ORMUSA: http://observatoriodeviolencia.ormusa.org

OxFam: https://www.oxfam.org/en/countries/el-salvador

Procuraduria para la Defensa de los Derechos Humanos (PDDH): http://www.pddh.gob.sv

United States Department of State: http://sansalvador.usembassy.gov/reports/index.html

Washington Office on Latin America (WOLA): http://www.wola.org/country/el_salvador

This resource page was compiled by the non-profit, Voices, who has worked in El Salvador with Salvadoran communities for nearly 30 years (http://votb.org/wordpress1/elsalvador/). I will be adding to it but think it’s too good not to share as is now:

News and Opinion

Civil Society Organizations Resources

A Few Important Reports and Presentations (most are in Spanish)

Laws, Regulations and other Legal Documents

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