Quoted in Daily Caller Fact Check by Bradley Sylvester on 11 February

Sylvester, Bradley. 2020. Fact Check: Was a ‘huge percentage’ of deported Salvadorans killed or harmed upon return to El Salvador? The Daily Caller 11 February <https://checkyourfact.com/2020/02/11/fact-check-daily-beast-deported-salvadorans-killed-harmed-percentage/&gt;.

Elizabeth Kennedy, the primary researcher of the Human Rights Watch report, told the Daily Caller News Foundation that such a percentage “cannot be calculated” from the report.

“The only way an accurate percentage could be calculated is for one of the two governments involved to either follow up with all persons returned or with a representative sample of all persons returned for at least several months,” Kennedy explained in an email. “Neither the U.S., El Salvador, nor any of the other 20+ nations who have deported Salvadorans have done this, as our report makes clear in several places.”

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